Okay, I know. “Walk along the river in Lucca” doesn’t seem like the most exciting activity to do while you are in Lucca. It’s an activity that’s literally never mentioned on any other blog talking about what to do in Lucca, but it’s definitely one of my personal favourite activities.

Walking or Biking along the river

The Serchio River is located a few hundred meters from the city walls of Lucca and is surrounded by a protected park. There’s a bike path that runs alongside the river and lots of Italian families come here to go for a walk or cycle along the river when the sun’s out. The nature you’ll be able to admire from the Serchio River in Lucca is astonishing and will take your breath away for sure. It’s never overcrowded and is a nice getaway. While you walk or bike along the riverbed you’ll notice there are some small “beaches” where you can drop your towel and take a dip in the river when the weather permits it. The bike path is unsurfaced at some point but it’s easy going and you’ll be able to go along the path with your city bike.

If you use the left bank bike path you will end up at the Ponte San Pietro after 7 kilometers of easy biking. This is the point where you can either turn around and go back, or where you can leave the river bed and cycle 2 kilometers of asphalted road to reach the medieval town of Nozzano Castello.

Things you need to know before departing

How to get from Lucca to the river

It’s very easy to get to the Serchio River in Lucca, even by foot. You can also get to the start of the river by car, you can either park your car right next to the beginning of the river or you can drive along the river up until you see the walking bridge that takes you to the other side of the river. If you look at the map above you see two grey spots in the green area near the river, this is where you’ll find free parking.

Once you’ve arrived the walk along the river in Lucca is quite straightforward. Just follow along the road. At some point you’ll see a bridge – from this point on the road continues but will be unpaved. You can either follow the river on the left side bank or right side bank – it’s up to you! I advise you to take the bank that lies next to Monte San Quirico on your way back just to have a small glimpse of this small town near Lucca.

Where is the starting point?

Just start your walk at the Porta Santa Maria and walk towards Via per Camaiore 123.

Disabled friendly?

The path along the river is paved up until the bridge and is thus upon that point disabled friendly. After that you’ll encounter some gravel making it harder for wheelchairs to enter the path, but not impossible. The bridge allowing you to cross the river is disabled friendly. 


The Serchio River in Lucca is free to visit for everyone. 


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