The Museum of Villa Mansi in Lucca (Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Mansi) is an elegant Baroque palace is home to an art museum hosting tapestry collections and post 19th century paintings, sculptures and other art collections owned by the city of Lucca, Italy. The palace is centrally located within the walls of Lucca and formerly belonged to the Mansi family. It displays a number of interesting works and is a true hidden and peaceful gem in Lucca – you won’t find hurdles of tourist here.

Raffaello Mansi Orsetti passed away in 1956, but was the first to display art collections to the public in Lucca. In 1965 his children sold the palace to the state, who completely renovated it. They converted it into the National Museum of arts and tapestries in 1977.

What to expect

Villa Mansi was acquired by the Mansi Family in 1616, who completely restructured the internal part of the building with the help of Raffaeollo Mazzanti. You can see part of Raffaeollo Mazzanti’s work in the piano nobile rooms that are still displaying the same decoration. The grand staircase remained the same too. During the second half of the 18th century Luigi Mansi pursued renovations

Especially the second floor is known for its beautifully furnished bedrooms, sitting rooms, and the small dining room. Also have a look out for the frescoes on the ceilings of the boardroom – they are truly incredible.

Important information before visiting

How to get to the Villa Mansi Museum?

The address of the Villa Mansi museum is Via Galli Tassi, 43, 55100 Lucca LU, Italy, if you click the link a new tab with Google Maps will open that will lead you directly to the museum.

Disabled friendly?

People with reduced mobility can access the museum, yes. Moreover, the museum is free to visit for EU citizens with disabilities plus a family member or other companion by showing their social and health care services membership.


Ticket price to Museo Nazionale Di Palazzo Mansi:

Full price: € 4.00

Reduced price: € 2.00

Combined ticket price for the Museo Nazionale Di Palazzo Mansi and the National Museum of Villa Guinigi:

Full price: €6.50

Reduced price: €3.25

Opening Hours

From Tuesday to Saturday, admission only allowed at fixed times:

  • Two entrances in the morning at 09:30 and 11:30
  • Two afternoon entrances at 14:30 and 16:30

Closed on Mondays and special holidays.


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