The Piazza Santa Maria may not be the most impressive square Lucca has to offer, but it’s an important square for various reasons. First of all, it’s directly connected to the Porta di Santa Maria, the northern city gate of Lucca. It is very close to the Via Fillungo in Lucca, the main street that runs through the city.

Indicated time needed to visit Piazza Santa Maria

Honestly you’ll most likely just pass through Piazza Antelminelli, unless you want to stop to get a coffee and “dolce”, a nice fresh juice, or in case you want to rent a bike to go around the city walls of Lucca.

Indicated time needed: 1 to 2 hours If you stop to have a drink or in case you’re renting a bike.

Things to do at Piazza Santa Maria in Lucca

Enjoy a (gluten free) pasticcino

At Pasticceria Gelateria Momus Cafè located at the Piazza Santa Maria in Lucca you can find the best gluten free pastries in the world, I am telling you! Most of their pastries contain gluten (and they are supposed to be amazing too!) but this is the place to be in Lucca for people with celiac disease.

Go on top of the wall at Porta Santa Maria

Rent a bike or go by foot, Piazza Santa Maria is located directly to one of the points you can use to get on the walls of Lucca. If you get on the wall and walk towards the west you can admire the stunning gardens of Palazzo Pfanner. Once completed your round around the city you can relax at one of the cafés.


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