The simplicity of Piazza Antelminelli makes it to be my all time favourite Piazza in Lucca. The pleasant square is a continuation of the Piazza San Martino and has a view over the Cathedral of Lucca. The square was named of the old Antelminelli houses that were demolished in the 14th century to make place for the new square. The central fountain of the square was built and designed in 1832 by Lorenzo Nottolino and was a part of the Aqueduct of Nottolini.

Indicated time needed to visit Piazza Antelminelli

You won’t need much time to admire Piazza Antelminelli. Just wander around and take in the beauty of the square. You can easily combine a visit to the Piazza Antelminelli with a visit to another sight in Lucca.

Indicated time needed: 1 to 2 hours if you visit one of the things to do at Piazza Antelminelli.

Things to do at Piazza Antelminelli

Have a drink at Undici Undici

Undici Undici is the only bar located at Piazza Antelminelli and most tourist never even get to know of its existence. Read a good book while enjoying a glass of Chianti or an italian espresso. At night, especially during the weekends, Undici Undici turns into a great bar for people in their late twenties

A visit to the San Martino Cathedral

The Duomo of Lucca, also known as the San Martino Cathedral, is a must visit while in Lucca. You can either decide to admire this great church from the outside, or go inside for the full experience. In any case you should at least walk past this architectural masterpiece! 


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