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Ciao! This is Marouscha from TravelGuidetoLucca, and as you know I love this city! Do you love Lucca too? Then I may be looking for you! 

Whether you’ve been to Lucca or whether you’re just dreaming to visit: it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that you love writing about this gorgeous city. As I live in Lucca I’ll be able to oversee what you’re writing and add important details for visitors. Of course it’s a big big plus if you live near or in Lucca.

The visitors of this website are probably here to get inspired for their next holiday to Lucca or Tuscany. Your blogs are thus to inspire visitors and give them valuable information to plan their trip as best as possible.

Requirements for the blog posts 

  • The posts you’ll be writing will be exclusively posted on TravelGuidetoLucca, not on other (travel) websites or forums.
  • The blogs have as their main objectives to inspire people or to give valuable tips.
  • Whenever you add pictures to your blogs they are your possession and not taken from the internet, by including them into the blog post you allow me to publish them on this website.
  • You can properly write in English. I am not asking you to be a native speaker because I am not a native speaker myself either, but it’s important that you have a high level of English. Whether you’re Italian, American, Dutch, or African: if you speak and write proper english and are passionate about Lucca you can write for TravelGuidetoLucca.
  • I prefer long-term collaborations so we can provide value to each other.


What do you get from it? 

You obviously want to know what’s in it for you! Even though the sharing of your blog posts is completely voluntary, I do want to give something back to you: 

  • You get recognized at the “About Us” page and underneath every blog post I will add an author box with a short summary about you, with links to your website or social media channels.
  • I’ll teach you all about keyword research, SEMRush, and other marketing tricks. If you ever want to start a blog by yourself then this is your chance to learn more about it.
  • A long term collaboration in which we can discuss how we can help each other’s blogs/activities. 


Do you want to share your passion for Lucca with the world?

Just fill in the contact form to tell me why you would be interested in creating content for TravelGuidetoLucca and I’ll get in touch. Give me some information on:

  • Who are you and where are you from
  • How are you related to Lucca/Tuscany
  • Why you want to write about Lucca


I’d love to learn more about you and your passion for this city! 

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