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They say every good story starts with love, and so does this one. A couple of years ago I madly fell in love during a holiday with a polite, bearded, Italian gentleman. I’m sure you can guess it: the fine man in question is from Lucca! We met outside of Italy and once our holiday-romance was over we knew this was something serious, and we soon decided it was time for me to move to Italy.

Before moving to Italy I had never even heard of Lucca, let alone spoke a word of Italian. After a couple of years I can wholeheartedly say that Lucca truly is the most beautiful city in Italy, if not the most beautiful city in the world. Nonetheless I encountered some difficulties while living in Lucca, which is why I started this blog.

Even though my Italian is very advanced, I didn’t manage to find some of the hidden spots of Lucca and its surroundings. I kept on asking my Italian gentlemen for recommendations, but to him all the hidden gems he knew about seemed so normal that it didn’t occur to him to mention them to me. After all, he grew up in this gorgeous town and got accustomed to its beauty.

I noticed lots of Lucca’s citizens couldn’t point out those true must visits to me. That’s why I made it my goal to find out about these hidden places, and report them to the world. Travel Guide to Lucca was born.

This is just the beginning of Travel Guide to Lucca, and I’m very sorry if you land on this magazine today: it is very scarce on content, tips, and tricks. It’s a work in progress where I’ll first write about some of the most well-known landmarks and sights, to then move on to things to do in and around Lucca that are less known.

I hope you enjoy the read, and please contact me if you have any questions regarding Lucca! I’m happy to help out 🙂

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